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"Søren Kierkegaard's Adaptation of King Lear" in Disseminating Shakespeare in the Nordic Countries, edited by Nely Keinänen and Per Sivefors. Bloomsbury. (Forthcoming).

"Excellent at Faults: The Experience of Twelfth Night and History of Madness.Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, 33.2 (2019): 27-44.

"Foul Pranks: Recognizing Vice Principals as a Comic Othello." Shakespeare Bulletin, 36.2 (2018): 197-223.

"'How Every Fool Can Play Upon The Word': Allegories of Reading in The Merchant of Venice and Pericles" in New Readings of "The Merchant of Venice," edited by Horacio Sierra. Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2013): 109-130.

"The Touch of the Real in New Historicism and Psychoanalysis.SubStance, 42.1 (2013): 82-101.

"Living On The Edge: Deconstruction, the Limits of Readability, and Philip Roth's The Counterlife." Philip Roth Studies, 8.2 (2012): 161-177.

"The State(s) They're In: Intersections of the Henriad, Hustler Narratives, and Alternative Music in Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho.Selected Papers of the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference, 3 (2011): np.

"'Gimme Gimme This, Gimme Gimme That': Confused Sexualities and Genres in Cooper and Mayerson's Horror Hospital Unplugged.ImageText, 4.3 (2009): np.


Please see CV for complete list of previous conference presentations and campus talks.










"Uncanny Fidelity: Recognizing Shakespeare in Twenty-First Century Film and Television," talk delivered at the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, Case Western Reserve University, October 13, 2020.

In Progress

"Reading King Lear Again with Jacques Lacan." Article. In submission.

Uncanny Fidelity: Recognizing Shakespeare in Twenty-First Century Film and Television. Book manuscript. Under contract with University of Alabama Press.

Great Confusion: "King Lear" ands Its Readings. Book manuscript.

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